Welcome to Speaking Your Peace, Inc. – a site to help you Activate Peace in your life

Peace without starts with Peace within.

  • Peace is the root of all health and prosperity.
  • Peace is the portal through which relationships can grow and prosper safely.
  • Peace begets Peace
  • Peace feels good

Be the Change!

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your character

Your character becomes your Karma

You have many choices along the way to make changes.  Personally, I find that changing my words is a very good place to start, since words are my first manifestation into the world.

Changing my thoughts means I have to catch them first and with practice I can, but I find that listening to myself is easier and catching my words helps me back tract to their origin in my mind.  When I cannot make that connection I can still make changes in how I wish to be represented through my speaking.

Speaking My Peace has been a very valuable method for Activating Peace in my life. Speaking Your Peace can be a very valuable method for Activating Peace in yours.

Do it!   Be it!   Activate Peace in your life!   Be Peace in the lives of others!   Breathe!

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