Activate Peace

For all my life I have heard people wishing for world peace.  Hoping for world peace!  Praying for world peace!  It has even become the iconic pageant theme/joke.  “What do you wish for (most beautiful lady we could find)?”   New shoes?   No, duh…World Peace!

Well, wishin’ don’t make it so!  If it did we would have had world peace way before Ron Artest, changed his name and put World Peace, on the back of his NBA Jersey.  (which I happen to think is way cool)

Still, wishin’ don’t make it so!  As with most things worth while, you have to work for it.  In this case though, the work is a little bit different.  The fact that Peace is the absence of struggle, frustration, competition and conflict, has made it more elusive. We are not used to backing away in order to win.  We like our aggression, it makes us feel powerful, in control and superior.   Peace doesn’t work like that.

Peace is gentle, ease and grace.  It is an ever changing energy which correlates exactly to the energy of our state of being at any given time.

So, in order to wish for world peace, you also need to become world peace.   I understand that you, alone, cannot become all of world peace. But it will be necessary for you to become the part of world peace that you are, for there to be world peace.  Your piece of peace is necessary.  We can’t have world peace without you.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see it the world.”   Be the peace!  Act the peace!  Hold the peace!

About two years ago I was sitting on the NYC subway.  Something I don’t do very often any more.   I was sitting about three people away from and with my back to the door.  The car was moderately filled;  enough so that there were people near me holding on to the pole.  I noticed a young boy about six years old and smiled at him, he returned one in kind.

I noticed he was with his Dad. A tall man of lean stature.

The doors opened and all of a sudden everything changed.  The Dad’s face became a contorted grimace, almost as if he was in pain.  He began muttering, loud enough to be heard by me,  “She shouldn’t be on this train!  Why is she bringing all those kids in here.  She can’t take care of all of them. She can’t even speak English!”

At this point I tuned my head to the right and see a petite woman with five children, right up against the door.   They looked OK.  She looked OK.  But when I looked back at the Dad, not so OK.  He was still muttering and I noticed that the people around him were starting to join in.  The people around him were looking angry, too.  Wow, I thought! Anger is contagious!

I sat back, and for the first time ever, I sent peace.  I didn’t do it with great planning, I just spontaneously kind of went into meditation and sent peace to him.  No agenda just peace.

As any one who meditates will know, one loses their sense of time when one’s consciousness shifts, so I don’t know how long I held the peace.  A moment or two, I don’t think it was that long.  But I do know that when I opened my eyes, the whole scene had shifted.

The Dad’s face was peaceful and calm, no more grimace.  He had stopped complaining.  And the people around him had gone back to minding their own business, calm as well!

As I took in the impact of this change, the Dad, looking directly at me for the first time, immediately tapped his son on the shoulder and said, “Say hello to her”, as if prompting him to respond to a gesture I had made.  I told the Dad that he had said hello to me earlier and that he was a good boy.  That satisfied him and we all went back to our train ride, peacefully.

I shared this with you today because it specifically points to the power of peace and how peace is the our natural state.  Remember, I did not push or force the peace upon any one.  I just put it out there and the peace energy found it’s natural place.

Practice peace, use peace, send peace, hold peace.  You don’t have to pray for peace outside of you.  The peace is within you!  Pray to be shown the peace within you.  Then find it!   Expand it!   Be it!   Enjoy it!

When I lead peace meditations I suggest to the class, they seek the place in themselves that is “a little more peaceful than the rest”.  You don’t have to find a place a of bliss within in order to find peace.  The place that is a little more peaceful than the rest will be enough for you to breathe into.  Breathe the peace.  Be the peace!   Expand the peace!  Activate peace! Activate peace into your thoughts, words, actions and reactions!  It’s a practice.

Be the piece of peace You are to be in this world. There can’t be world peace without you!

Activate Peace!      May Peace Prevail in the Heaven of Your Heart!    Activate Peace!

May Peace Prevail On Earth!


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